Raise Money by Magic!


 Does your school group, club or organisation need to raise money?

 Let Magician Bruce Purdy help put money in your account!

If you are involved with a sports booster club, a school band, a PTA/PTO, or any other organization, you are constantly faced with the question of how to raise money to fund your projects.

Perhaps another bake sale, a car wash or another catalogue sale doesn’t excite you. How about sponsoring a Magic Show? The audience has a great time, You add to your treasury AND you look like a hero for bringing the show to your community! Everyone wins when Bruce Purdy joins your team!

The Bruce Purdy Magic Show is a whirlwind of fun and amazement for the whole community, and providing that enjoyment to your area will put dollars in your account. When you hear the laughter, the applause and the grasps, you will feel the satisfaction of being the ones to help make it happen. Your magically growing account is just icing on the cake.

If you have an auditorium and a team of eager people, we’ll take care of the rest.

The Bruce Purdy Magic Show includes an hour and a half of fun and excitement for all ages. If needed, we can even provide the staging, sound and lighting to make for a memorable event. All you need to do is provide the auditorium, spread the word about the show, and sell the tickets! We’ll even provide the tickets, the posters and master flyers that you can copy and distribute! How easy is that ?